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  Church Family Cemetery  
  located in Glasgow, Barren Co., KY.
on Longhunters Trail (Old Church Rd.)

Confirmed burials unless otherwise noted.
Researched and plotted by Laura J. Stewart

Cherry, Eliza Jane “Puss” Church  Mar. 28, 1847~Mar. 5, 1918
Cherry, John W.  1855~Oct. 27,1918
Church, Arthur  Sept. 12, 1826~Apr. 9, 1859
Church, Eleanor 1757~1837 (wife of John Christian Church)
Church, Eliza Jane  July 22, 1830~1830 (sister of John Church b. 1828, recorded in his Bible)
Church, Frank  June 18, 1928~June 18,1928 (inf. of Ed & Maggie)
Church, George Henry  Jan. 1, 1861~Aug. 20, 1878
Church, George Thomas  1848~1848 (son of Joe and Sal)
Church, George Thomas  May 25,1849~Sept. 25, 1854 (son of Joe and Sal)
Church, George W.  abt 1790~May 23, 1832
Church, John  May 8, 1828~Sept. 17, 1892
Church, John Edward  Aug. 2, 1903~Feb. 19, 1983
Church, John J.  Mar. 14, 1854~Oct. 13, 1916
Church, John Milton  Mar. 22, 1864~Apr. 26, 1956
Church, Joseph “Joe” Mar.19, 1819~Feb. 18, 1905
Church, Laddie Boy (dog of William M. Church, buried at the foot of his grave)
Church, Lillian V. "Lilly" Jolly  Aug. 11, 1886~Jan. 16, 1968
Church, Maggie Lee Forrest  May 21,1896~July 22, 1978
Church, Martha Jane Forrester  Oct. 22, 1855~May 8, 1909
Church, Mary  June 22, 1859~June 22, 1859 (dau. of Mary Shader and John Church)
Church, Mary Shader  July 1836~Sept. 21, 1917
Church, Mildred Berry  Mar. 22, 1798~Sept. 26, 1856
Church, Robert  Aug. 19, 1860~unknown (son of Mary Shader and John Church, died infancy)
Church, Roy Lee  Jan. 1907~Feb. 1907
Church, Sarah Mildred “Sally” Church Jan. 25, 1825~Jan. 6, 1920 (She and her husband were 1st cousins)
Church, Sarah Mildred “Aunt Peda/Pede” Mar. 11, 1870~Dec. 2, 1963
Church, Thomas J. 1788~Jan 1, 1839 (*unconfirmed, but most probable)
Church, Walter B.  Aug. 14, 1913~Jan. 10, 1917
Church, William Morgan  Sept. 23, 1872~Feb. 25, 1921
Davis, Minnie Matheny Church 1876~bet. 1893-1900
Forrester, Andrew Jackson "Jack"  Feb. 1845~Oct. 20, 1916 (Uncle to Martha Jane Forrester Church)
Forrester, John, Jr. abt. 1771~Apr. 21, 1845
Forrester, Thomas abt. 1823~July 1882 (Granduncle of Martha Jane Forrester Church)
Spencer, Sarah "Sallie" Church  May 23, 1858~June 10, 1892
Staples, John Church "J.C."  Apr. 1850~July 5, 1907
Wade, Joseph “Joe”  1891~Mar. 9, 1959 (not related, raised by Sarah Mildred Church)

Diagram of Cemetery - plotted by Laura J. Stewart in 1997. Information taken from living descendants about who is buried in the unmarked graves listed.
Church Family Cemetery -
Longhunters Trail (Old Church Rd.)

George W. Church - d. May 23, 1832
His mother, Eleanor Church 1757-1837, would be the oldest known ancestor that is buried in the family cemetery.
Family oral history states that she & George's wife, Mildred Berry Church are buried beside him.
 The Church family of Barren Co., KY.owned extensive amounts of land in that Co., which encompassed all of what is now Lexington Drive down to Happy Valley Rd. and over to Highway 90. The old log house built by George Washington Church, son of John Christian, was located across the road from the family cemetery and it later burned. John Church, son of George Washington Church, built his house where Shelley Riherd's house is now, corner of Longhunters Trail & Lexington Dr. Later his son William Morgan Church built his home there.The old smokehouse still stands in his backyard. 
     William Morgan Church (Uncle Bill), son of John Church, bought the old hitching post, where horses were tied, that went around the Barren Co. Courthouse in about 1926 to put around the family cemetery. In 1940 Sarah Mildred Church (Aunt Pede), William Morgan's sister, paid $5,000 to have the concrete wall erected around the hitching post. The cemetery is located on  Old Church Rd., now Longhunters Trail (road name changed in 1963) off of Lexington Dr. in Glasgow,KY. There are many ancestors of the Church family in the cemetery whose graves are marked with field stones, names unknown, ..... "Gone But Not Forgotten".